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October 17th, 2020 - Quicksilver Coming Back for a Little Love!

   What started as a harness & injector replacement evolved into a whole lot more....like an engine locked up tighter than a virgin's honeypot...  Autopsy & overhaul coming soon!!

   The Z Farm's 1990 Twin Turbo Full Resto build is still in progress HERE.  UPDATE:  Another peculiar build was dump on me in the form of another Cherry Red Pearl Slicktop....and this kinda boring resto may end up being scrubbed in order to fuel this slicktop with parts....still pondering this one....but the Farm Fleet has two...count 'em TWO very rare Cherry Red pearl slicktops now!

  >> Current Z Build:

October 17th, 2020 - Steve's Slicktop  To be Resumed!

   With the tragic loss of our close friend Tim Vos, the fella painting this slicktop, his dad, Dirk Vos (who taught Tim body & paint) has followed in his son's footsteps and finished this car!  A very special thanks to you, Dirk!

   This build will be resumed with nothing less than a swap with boost!  Stay tuned!


 Goldie v3.0!!
Goldie went under the knife over the winter 2014~2015 and made her 5spd debut in May 2015!!  She's also sporting a freshly overhauled engine, a complete power steering rework, and topped off with a fresh alignment!

  >> Upcoming Z32 Builds:

Z Farm's 1994 Black Emerald (DJ2) Twin Turbo Restoration, begin date to be determined.

Z Farm's 1993 Convertible Restoration & TT Build, project beginning is to be determined.

  >> Completed Z32 builds in order by date:

Jarrid Easton's 1990 Twin Turbo Engine Replacement, Summer 2020

Z Farm's 1991 Yellow Twin Turbo Engine Refreshing, Fall 2017

Brian Lantrip's Black 1993 Convertible Engine Overhaul, Summer 2016

Z Farm's Goldie V3 Build, Winter 2014~2015.

John Burn's Red 1990 NA Deer Strike Damage Repair, winter 2015.

Zach Elliot's Custom-build 1990 NA, winter 2013~2014.  This is my first successful attempt at a full Z32 Restoration.

Jarrid Easton's 1990 Twin Turbo Repairs, mid 2012.

John Burn's Red 1990 NA Engine overhaul & car reconditioning, Late Summer 2011.

Steve Fowler's 1993 Convertible Engine overhaul following a broken timing belt idler stud, summer 2011.

Steve Fowler's 1991 2+2 Gremlin Fixes, Suspension, and Maintenance, late 2009.

Z Farm's 1994 Black Emerald (DJ2) Vert's Engine Freshening, winter 2009.

ExtraTitanian's 1991 Twin Turbo Rework, early 2009.  This is the legendary 1000-dollar TT!

Z Farm's Goldie Original Turbo Swap, done over the winter 2007~2008.

Steve Fowler's 1993 Convertible Suspension, circa 2006.

Branson Z Fest
Past BZF Pictures

April 17th, 2014
Ok, waaaay out of date I know....  Pretty much the same old shit going on....so nothing really exciting to talk about.  BZF is May 29th through June 1st 2014 if you'd like to go.

The forum here is only the lifeboat if 3ZC is broken.....so head over there if you have something to say!

Branson Z Fest 2016!!
Join us every spring in Branson, Missouri for the largest annual "Family Reunion" of Nissan Z cars in the Midwest!!

I would also like to take a minute to thank all those that are sponsoring the 2010 event.  We couldn't do it without you!!  Most of the names on this list are no longer sponsoring BZF due to some BZF planning screwups....but they're still good folk, so I won't remove their links.

My thanks to:

Russell Floyd & Z1 Motorsports
AMZ Performance
Nissan Sport Magazine
WD 40
Black Dragon Automotive
4 Season Awards
Concept Z Performance
Z31 Parts.com
Yokohama Tire
and last but not least, ZMODS.ORG!  :)

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